Playground v2.5 模型界的“美学天花板”?| AI绘画教程



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Playground v2.5 模型界的“美学天花板”?| AI绘画教程




在这里,我做了一个对比评测不同checkpoint的工作流,用同样的提示词,同样的宽高比,上面这一组加载的是playground V2.5模型,下面这一组加载的是我常用的一个SDXL模型,如果是本频道铁粉的都应该知道,该模型多次出现在我之前的视频中!这足以说明该模型在SDXL模型中是非常具有代表性的,它的出图质量也非常好!


Playground v2.5 模型界的“美学天花板”?| AI绘画教程


我们先一起将这10条提示词都跑完,然后集中来对比playground V2.5 和 SDXL模型出图的审美质量做对比!

an oil painting of a stone bridge in a cave. on the bridge there are soldiers standing still in front of an alcove. realistic

beautiful redhead with long wavy hair, sea green eyes, burgundy purple medieval gown

Sliced oranges, ice cubes, mint leaves, scattered on blue background, vibrant colors, creative food photography, likely DSLR camera, shallow depth of field, studio lighting setup

a very building with a white background, in the style of organic shapes and curved lines, light sky-blue and dark beige, uhd image, new leipzig school, extreme angle, mycenaean art, anamorphic lens

A close up of an object with a lot of blue light, in the style of dark white and dark indigo, in the style of jeeyoung lee,clear colors smooth, modern minimalist, 3d render, zbrush,smooth forms, shapeless, glass

Two wooden vases, green plant, large leaves, minimalist style, white background, product photography, likely DSLR camera, medium aperture

A HQ illustration of (poison ivy)! vines, creepers, crawlers, thorns, thistles. hot, humid, depressing atmosphere, depths of a lush jungle, wet, miserable, intricately detailed on every leaf, cinematic lighting, sharp, 4k. taken with a Canon EOS-1D X Mark III fitted with a Sigma 14-24mm f/2.8 DG HSM lens. ((looking at the viewer))

(digital art by Peter Doig and Andrea Pisano:1.2),Woman walking on the beach, golden hour,aesthetic of mosaic art, unconventional supreme masterpiece,masterful details, temperate atmosphere.(balanced center composition, :0.5)

National Geography, Award winning pan shot of a Evening Grosbeak in the wild, full-body, atmospheric lighting. by pascal julio and nadine albuquerque, 2000s vintage RAW photo, photorealistic, film grain, candid camera, color graded cinematic, eye catchlights, atmospheric lighting, imperfections, natural, shallow dof, High level of detail to create a photographic-like image, focusing on lighting, realistic textures, hyperdetailed.

amazing quality, masterpiece, best quality, hyper detailed, ultra detailed, UHD, perfect anatomy, portrait, dof, hyper-realism, majestic, awesome, inspiring, Bosstyle, Capture the surreal sight of a trailer hosting a towering, shade-bearing tree with branches extending over the car below. Showcase the unique blend of transportation and nature in this remarkable scene., atmospheric haze, cinematic composition, soft shadows, national geographic style


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